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Butterfly Works  was recommended to me by Suited 4 Success (Regina Robinson).  My daughter had already taken the SAT a number of times. However, she had never taken the ACT, so I knew we would need some assistance.  Upon my initial phone conversation with Shuyinthia, I immediately felt at ease. 

     Her enthusiasm and confidence about working with my daughter to get the score she needed for acceptance into her top university was very reassuring.  I expressed my concerns with the pressure and test anxiety my daughter was feeling to do well on the ACT, as this was really her last opportunity to get into her school of choice.  Shuyinthia addressed my concerns by explaining her approach, methodology and the techniques she would use to assist her in obtaining the necessary score.   After each of the ACT tutoring sessions, I could see a new level of confidence within my daughter.   She was also motivated to work diligently on practicing for the exam outside of the sessions.  

As a result of Butterfly Works, my daughter not only obtained the ACT score necessary to get into her school of choice, but she also received two additional acceptances from other universities.  We are forever grateful to Mrs. Hembry and the support she provided, as we could not have done this without her!  She has truly been a Godsend. 

~ Teresa Williams, Parent of Duke Ellington School of the Arts Senior, Class of 2015

Sending a huge THANK YOU to Butterfly Works for the best SAT Test Prep for our daughter! The sessions were accommodating, the instructor; (aka The Best SAT Strategist) Shuyinthia Thonic Farley-Hembry became immediately in tune with establishing the best SAT Strategy for our daughter; and the sessions were efficient and effective. Shuyinthia always approached each session with a contagious “YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS” energy. What I most admired about these sessions was they were anointed with calmness and assurance of success. All made possible with the spirit of compassion that Shuyinthia exudes.

As a result, our daughter has received an acceptance letter from her top choice university. This school is a liberal arts school ranked within the top 100 schools in the U.S. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Butterfly Works, you helped make our daughter’s dream come true. Our family is forever grateful for your awesome customer service!

-  N. Alston, Parent of Syracuse University Scholar '20

I have been with Butterfly Works for about 3 years. Ms. Shuy has tutored my 2 daughters and has done an excellent job ensuring their educational growth and development in many subjects. I really appreciate the way she worked with them and would definitely refer this company to anyone...!!

~ P. McCutcheon, Parent of Frostburg State University Scholars '20

Ms. Shuyinthia was referred to me from a co-worker who also used her tutoring services to prepare her daughters for the SAT.  Both her daughters took AP classes while in high school, has now graduated and received scholarships to college.  When she told me how well her daughters were doing after working with Ms. Shuyinthia we decided to give her a call.  Ms. Shuyinthia worked with our son his last quarter of 9th Grade to help improve his knowledge of Algebra.  I wish we would have contacted her earlier, because he did so well after working with her, I can imagine what his third quarter grade would have been had I contacted her sooner.  With her expertise and fun way of teaching, our son was able to bring a failing grade up to a B.  Ms. Shuyinthia was able to explain the problems to our son in a way that helped him better understand.  She also worked with him over the summer with Geometry and he is doing pretty good in his Geometry class.


We are very appreciative and grateful for the services Ms. Shuyinthia has provided and we will continue to have her work with our son to help with his academic success. 


~Celein Gerald, Parent of Wise High School, Class of 2019 Scholar