Our Founder

Mrs. Shuyinthia Hembry has dedicated her life to supporting people of all walks of life, but particularly those who want to increase their academic opportunities. Since May 2000, “Ms. Shuy”, as her students affectionately call her, has worked as a private academic tutor. Prior to creating, Butterfly Works, LLC, she worked with three prominent tutoring and SAT Prep companies. Mrs. Hembry leveraged this knowledge to provide basic and advanced academic services to her clients.
Mrs. Hembry launched Butterfly Works, LLC., in June 2006, to meet the demand of a growing list of clients seeking her services. During this time she sought tutors who wanted to help students achieve excellence in academics. “Ms. Shuy” continued to work with her individual students in academics and music.

In 2010, Butterfly Works partnered with Bell Curves, to provide SAT, ACT and SSAT/ISSE preparation services to expand its menu of offerings. The result of the partnership with Bell Curves accelerated growth and success for the students of Butterfly Works.

For more than 16 years, Mrs. Hembry has committed her energy to helping students achieve academic excellence in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. She has fused her creativity, philanthropic and continuous evolution toward excellence and expansion of Butterfly Works and the community of students.

Ms. Shuy’s motto, “Transforming Minds to ELEVATE!” speaks to her overall goal of increasing the academic and economic excellence creating opportunities for the youth in her community. She believes that, “Students’ minds are like butterflies, they never go back to caterpillars after learning to fly.”

 Mrs. Shuyinthia Hembry is a native Washingtonian and has attended local schools, graduating from Duke Ellington School for the Arts. She studied psychology and music at the George Washington University. Mrs. Hembry is an accomplished violinist and loves calligraphy, jazz and is a golf enthusiast. Shuyinthia Hembry is married to Kevin Hembry, the love of her life.