"I am frugal. I have to say that at first before talking about how much it was worth hiring Shuyinthia to help prepare my daughter for the SAT and ACT. And the results speak for themselves. She did well on both tests, particularly improving in math, and it was because of the wonderful tutoring she received. I knew this was right wen I could hear my daughter laughing during her tutoring sessions. She didn't dread them but looked forward to studying. What a wonderful experience it was working with Butterfly Works."

Michelle Singletary,

The Color of Money

Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance


The Washington Post


About Us

Butterfly Works  was created to inspire students to succeed in every educational arena and life.


Butterfly Works, LLC, was established May 2006 to provide personalized academic enrichment services to individuals and small groups. An outgrowth of the private tutoring service of our Chief Academic Officer, Mrs. Shuyinthia Hembry, Butterfly Works, LLC, helps students to achieve higher grades and increase standardized test scores.

 The establishment of Butterfly Works, LLC allows our team to serve a wide range of clientele including:

  • Students from grades 3-12 (charter, home, private and public schools),
  • College students,
  • Non-profit organizations,
  • Churches, and
  • Educational institutions.

We accomplish this by forming partnerships with instructors and other academic service providers.

 Butterfly Works, LLC, helps students to master skills in specific academic subjects, college entry tests and career tests. Our academic services include tutoring in:

  • Math
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Science
  • Writing

The Team of Tutors, working with Butterfly Works, are highly qualified, college-educated, creative and brilliant. These professionals are passionate about the success of the students they serve and producing winning results. We pair scholars with tutors who are subject matter experts to increase our students academic success. Students enjoy our creative approach to education and families note the marked improvement in the student’s confidence, test scores and grades.

In 2010, Butterfly Works partnered with Bell Curves, an educational research and development organization that provides top-notch materials, content creation and consulting in the academic areas in demand by our clients. This partnership allowed Butterfly Works to expand its academic services to include test preparation services for the:

  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • HSPT
  • SSAT
  • ISEE

Butterfly Works provides customizable tutoring services for individuals, small groups and organizations who want to achieve academic excellence for future endeavors. Our client list continues to grow along with the positive influence we've made in the Greater Washington Area academically.

Additionally, Butterfly Works offers Financial Literacy Workshops that allow students the opportunity to learn important “real world” economic concepts while having fun. We use creative games, virtual economic platforms, and hypothetical stock market investments in online portfolios. These resources introduce approaches to money that the students will use for the rest of their lives, giving them an added social advantage in the real world.

As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, Butterfly Works, LLC acknowledges that we have served over 2,500 students, increased partnerships, participated in College Tours, given away calculators and provided a standard of excellence for the betterment of our students.




"Due to your assistance and wonderful guidance, I was able to score considerably well on the SAT which landed me with in UVA with a full ride. I could not be any more grateful"

C. Adiele

Banneker HS Impact Scholar