Local Organizations We Support....

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Suited 4 Success -  Suited 4 Success College Planning Service’s mission is to ensure our students understand that education is the roadway to every young person’s life where they explore their aspirations and learn what empowers them through their voice, experiences, networking, and knowledge.

​The Society for Girls -  @Society4girls The program was created to help transition young girls into the best women they can be. The program caters to middle school girls, aged 11-13 that come from low to middle economic backgrounds. Regardless of their age and life situation, the lessons learned in the program will carry them into adulthood.

SisterMentors Their vision is a world where women and girls of color are mentored to achieve academic and personal success through higher education resulting in economically independent and meaningful lives.

Butterflyz, Inc.  The mission of Butterflyz, Inc. is to promote good mental health and wellness to female adolescence ages 10-16 years-old (also known as “Tweens” age 10-14). Butterflyz is a character- building program that is devoted to enriching female youth; while participating in self-awareness activities, developing life skills, and promoting abstinence through sexual education and healthy living.